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26" URANUS G2#/Gis - 103,68 Hz    
Based on planetary calculation
3rd Octave G3#/gis - 207,36 Hz
4th Octave A4/a' - 439,37 Hz

26" Uranus Planet Gong


Approximate musical note is G#2 

Gong pitch: G# ( 207.36Hz - 39th octave )


Orbital frequency: 30685.93 days


Rules: Aquarius


Character: Change


Key Words: Individualism, originality, rebellion, electricity, genius, creativity, revolution, transmission, innovation, and resourcefulness.


Basic Function: Initiates changes wherever necessary in our life and habit patterns. Uranian energy throws us into the unexpected and unknown, forcing us to experience the new and unusual, ever expanding our field of awareness.

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