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The impulse that motivated my search

Stay fair, good, simple and serious

By staying joyful. Above all, enjoy studying

Fill your mind with knowledge and talent

Illuminate it with these lights

And the inevitable result

Is a thorough investigation

Secret, yet allowed

Of the subtlest principles

And you will be able to clearly distinguish

Good from evil, right from wrong, in all things.

And so you become the clear conscience

Of the race and its past

For the Past dominates the Present

And you must revere its voice

Sovereign, imperious and manifold

And always listen to it piously

It comes to you through the rites

Which are precious caskets

Containing divine poems

The pure form of duty

The sacred hope of the future

Filial respect, the foundation of the family

The place that unites you with all those missing

Since you are one, living and dead

They owe you assistance, and you owe them worship

An exchange of manners which will outlive this earth

Which is not just a futile custom

But the accepted gesture of a soul

Touched by its humility on the road to perfection.

Perfect manners in body and soul

Reflected on the outside: divine politeness

A courteous look, gentle words

The smile of an affable and respectful face

It is by practising this that you earn

The first virtue: self-control

And there you will find the sweetness of being loved.


If you can understand and follow my thoughts, the "Flowery Kingdom" will remain green

Keep the golden number, the new complete parts, plus the "First Digit" which guides the chariot

Where "Kapourous" the victor rejoins "Krisna", 

the cold makes the night the day, and the day the dark night

In a fireplace that seemed dead, suddenly the flame shines.


From your dormant hearts, let the flame of Love and Beauty burst forth.

And for you the "Sacred Lotus" will bloom in the garden of dreams.

"Son of Heaven", working tirelessly.

When my voice departs, other voices will be heard, 

Those of the sons of my spirit, strive to understand them 

So that the harvested grain does not perish.

Then your father will return

For no one truly disappears, every life begins again 

By taking one step forward

Love the arts, love beauty Protect your poets

So that they throw their colourful dreams down onto silk 

Let the pure kaolin express their dreams

Or let their brushes, by the "bird's talons", sing the glory of China,

Art is the noble path of evolution 

The revealing crucible where souls are purified

And your art will last longer than your monuments 

Made of brittle, fragile materials;

The walls around your towns will crumble 

Only the works of your spirit will not pass on.


Adorn yourselves with knowledge, broaden your souls 

Become my disciples while remaining my children. So that the intelligent Pollen flame always burns on in your hearts, 

conscious of your great responsibilities.


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