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Stones and energy
12 Energie
11 Menhirs et Chakras
10 Spiral galaxy
9 Chakras
7 rainbow-dash-sky-colors-space
6 planet-sky-space
4 Cromlech-stone circle
3 Stone Circle 3
2 Stone circle 2
1 Stone circle 1
Spirit Connection

406 Sites were selected for this study.

(732 commented pictures and 53 videos to summarise it)

Many extraordinary places are not included. This is not a case of forgetfulness or negligence. The selection criteria imposed by my research guided me in my choice.


All the sites in question were visited and were the subject of an in-depth study. The particular energy of places was crucial, and often dominated without erasing the historical, geographical and aesthetic aspects.


This "Stones" section is presented here as a simple geographical directory.

This list, whose understated and uncertain ties with Waves and Vibrations are nevertheless real, will in the future provide me with a sufficient number of examples to help me develop an accurate understanding of these Waves and Vibrations.
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