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32" SATURNE D2:D - 73,92 Hz    
Based on planetary calculation
3rd Octave D3#/dis - 147,85 Hz
4th Octave A4/a' - 427,86 Hz

32" Saturn Planet Gong
( Kronos )


Approximate musical note is D2
Gong pitch: D ( 147.85 Hz - 33rd octave )


Orbital frequency: 10759.21days


Rules: Capricorn


Character: Discipline


Key Words: Stability, patience, structure, self-discipline, law, control, power, limitation, wisdom, perseverance, restriction, protection, caution, achievement, overview, and time.


Basic Function: To restrain us; helps us establish healthy boundaries and forges us in the inner fire of discipline, so that we may gain the power and wisdom to actualize our soul's purpose.

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