In the future people will only become religious on the basis of seeing everyone as an image of God, and this will not be mere theory by permeate their everyday life. This means that in the future there can no longer be a compulsion for people to join a particular religion of denomination – indeed, that will no longer be needed because every encounter with another person will be a religious act, a sacrament. Churches of any kind, and their external institutions in the physical world, will no longer be needed to sustain religious belief. In other words, if the churches understand themselves rightly, they cannot have any other goal but to make themselves redundant on the physical plane by turning all of life into an expression of the supersensory or spiritual realm.

My early passion for electricity, electromagnetism, music, radio waves, metals, and light, gradually led me to wonder about the meaning of my own existence, that of the world,of life and death. This reflection on religion ideally illustrates the disappointment of an old path and the growing hopes of a nascent understanding.

Written anonymously, circulating in Paris in June 1698

"Our Father, who is no more in heaven than on earth, whether your kingdom comes or not, it does not matter to me. I am not asking that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven: it will be in spite of me doing so, I must resign myself."

Then came the discovery of alchemy, Catharism, scalar and magnetic waves, radiesthesia, remote magnetism, synaesthesia and aura colours.


Driven by links unsuspected at the time, I am irresistibly drawn to the

Hagakure, the "Secret Book of the Samurai".

The Hagakure says it all, but in silence: the message is hidden between the lines, or "hidden by the leaves", to use the literal translation of the Japanese word "hagakure".


"The Hagakure says nothing about time or profit, nor does it encourage wasting time in a vague contemplation of emptiness. We live in the world and we react to events. The only question is: where do we choose to place ourselves?"
William S.Wilsons, Hagakure, the Book of the Samouraï.

"Somebody once said: "In the mausoleum of the Saint", there is the following poem:

If in our hearts

We follow the path of sincerity

Even without prayers

We will be protected by the gods.

What is this path of sincerity?"

A man replied to him thus: "You seem to like poetry. So I will answer you with a poem:

As everything in the world is only a deception, Death is the only sincere thing."

"It is said that following the path of sincerity means behaving every day as if one were already dead."


After many years of study and investigation, fully devoted to my cause and my commitments, by accepting being weightless, that is to

say without a material and rational counterpart, the fundamental issue established itself.

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