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26" NEPTUNE G2#Gis - 105,72 Hz     
Based on planetary calculation
3rd Octave G3#gis - 211,44 Hz
4th Octave A4/a' - 448,02 Hz

26" Neptune Planet Gong
Deity: Poseidon

Approximate musical note is G#2

Gong pitch: ( 211.44 Hz - 40th octave )


Orbital frequency: 60187.64 days 


Rules: Pisces


Character: Creativity/Bliss


Key Words: Mystical, illusive, transcendental, inspiring, visionary, compassionate, sacrificial, e.s.p, psychic and cosmic awareness, and spiritualism.

Basic Function: To dissolve out-dated patterns and attachments in order to make room for growth. Neptune points out false projections and illusions, allowing us to reclaim our lost power; helps us access the potential for intuition, inspiration, and artistic creativity. Associated largely with artists and visionaries, Neptune agitates and animates the creative process - the sense of divine brilliance flowing through us.

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