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"Man is the most insane species.

He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible nature.

Unaware that this nature he's destroying

is this God he's worshipping. "

                                                    Hubert Reeves

The Spirit and Life
The Spirit and Life.

The human being has become a degenerate of the system.

His development takes place on a material level that obscures the spiritual level, highlighting a great imbalance that separates us from our soul.


Our needs are nevertheless linked to several levels:

Matter (Body) / Psychological (Soul) / Spiritual (Spirit)

These three elements must be present for an equilibrium to take root.

In the design of the universe everything is indeed as such.


We urgently need to reconcile ourselves with the order and intelligence of nature, by reintegrating its basic principles through the revival of ancestral values

which have proven themselves over tens of thousands of years.
Only through observation, such as respect of Nature,

will we be able to reconcile ourselves with solid principles.
The ancients said that if one separates oneself from nature,

one is in danger of error.

In Nature, everything you need is at your fingertips.

We have no need of magic formulas, nor complicated or scientific calculations.

Everything that we need for our physical well being has been provided for us here on Earth,

but we feed our physical needs at the expense of food for the mind.


We replace the individual mind with a material mindset, focusing on matter.

The 21st century man transfers the knowledge of his mind and brain to digital technology which is no longer a human vehicle,

which brings about a loss of identity as well as the dilution of Pure Spirit and Judgment.

It is the transfer to an inert support of a non-inert matter, risking the disappearance of knowledge


This is why the notion of saving everything that is created, is introduced into society so that humanity can keep track of their knowledge and their creation.

We are in a tense and dangerous period in regards to information and knowledge which we put out, without the guarantee of being able to conserve it.

We are in the realm of the virtual.

Knowledge is saved by Waves but lost at the terrestrial level.

We should look for the intrinsic value in all things,

not its superficial appearance.

This is a purely human disease.
Man himself destroys what he has built.

Macrocosm and Microcosm
Macrocosm and Microcosm.

Each Macrocosm corresponds to a Microcosm.


Today, it is as if we are preventing the earth from breathing.

The empty universe is not empty.

There is a background noise, which is the voice of the universe.

It can be found in the background noise that is generated in the cosmic void.

The void does not exist.

The universe is made of Matter/Anti Matter/Sound...


The Heart of the Universe feeds creation by making Pulsations.

This is what is happening at the cosmic level.


Everything depends on everything: There are mechanisms, rhythms.


All that is on earth, all that exists in the universe is alive.
Everything is in motion. Nothing is inert.
Life is everywhere.

Everything is interdependent.

The very nature of colours is an example.

Every thing is interdependent. No element of the universe can have an existence without dependence on other elements.

This is a Postulate!

The individual must reconsider his relationship to his environment.

Indeed, Universal Life applies to all elements of the universe.


Life is not limited to terrestrial life.

Each element has its own life form that can be represented in a multitude of forms.

Nothing is inert, all matter is imbued with life and a soul which is not the human soul that we are familiar with.

Animals, plants, minerals, are living beings;

they are souls.

Each part of the Universe

is an element imbued with life,

including minerals.

No part

of the universe

is inert.

Stones are also Souls.

They are the epitome of the Absolute Matter of all life.

All living matter and any source of life passes inexorably through this mineral stage.
Every piece of living matter, every human being has Stone as their Origin.

Intelligence and spirit, the invisible that animates matter, is Divine Intelligence.

She comes and goes the way she came.

This element of the divine source is not an integral part of matter.

Human and Animal
Human and Animal.

21st century humans lack respect for creation. They slaughter everything.


Since the beginning of humanity, of life on earth, humans have never been so estranged in their relationship with animals. Humans have managed to relegate animals to the rank of an object, without acknowledging them as living beings. Now humans consider animals as objects in their service, and there is no longer the link between the human and the animal where there once was a bond of co-operation, with One helping the other.

Animals used to help humans with certain tasks. Today all this has disappeared and humans only use animals for their food or to "experiment" upon. Humans even use animals to feed other animals.

It is as if we were no longer in the same world, despite the behaviour of animals being so meaningful and full of teachings.

Humans often copied them, but that has been destroyed by recent progress and knowledge.

There is no longer any link between animal and man.

The stage of the animal being reduced to a source of supply, food, a consumer product, will pass.

It will no longer be as before.

Where once it was everything. There is no longer everything.

There are humans on one side and everything else on the other, including objects.


When humans have cut their final link with the animal kingdom, there will be nothing more connecting them to the natural balance.
Plants are becoming endangered and we are creating a rift with animals.
Man will soon no longer have access to what used to exist naturally.

We must return to simplicity.

It is for us to repair the balance that we have destroyed,

and reduce the distance that separates us from the animal.

We can only eat animals with respect.

Man consumes without knowing the origin of what he eats.
Let's regain awareness of what we eat, whether plant or animal, and remain aware of suffering.


We feed on the life of foods, as all life is an exchange of overall energy.

An individual must be in balance between the material and spiritual.

The physical body is dependent on its environment, and so is the spirit.
Man will always oscillate between two contradictions.

If he does not sink into one of them, he will advance on his way. Without movement there is no life.
This is the principle of Yin and Yang.

This should be the path of every human being:

Prepare your own elevation by means of the spirit.

Human and the Universe
Man and the Universe.

The Universe is a mass in perpetual transformation.

It can expand or contract like a time accelerator.


Humans have the light inside of them; only it does not appear to us as light because we live in it, and because, used by us, it becomes our thought.

The thought that lives in us is in reality something that comes from the past, which is that which is the most mature in us, the fruit of previous earthly lives.

What was once will, became thought, and thought appears as light. An earlier world, a world of old, died in thought, or to say it differently: in the light.

This is one of the mysteries of the world.

Let's look at the universe. It is traversed by light. Thought lives in the light. But in this light imbued with thought, a world dies.

The world is constantly dying in the light.

We will say one day: the past appears to us radiant in the present, and everywhere the past envelops the future - we will speak correctly of the world; for the present is in every place only that which the past and the future unite together. The future, that's what really lies in the strength of matter. The past is what shines in the beauty of light, this light being understood as the whole of all that is revealed, for naturally the word light here also encompasses what appears as sound and as heat.

Humans can only understand their own nature if they see themselves as a seed of the future, enveloped in all that comes from the past, with an aura of the light of thought.

The light which shines, from the past,

the darkness that focuses

on the future.

Light is the nature of thought; darkness is voluntary.


A thing is first of all a spoken word, then it becomes a solid form; but first before becoming strong, that thing was a thought (...)

Creation is part of thought, the idea of ​​the thing, then the Godhead expressed thought in space by the means of speech.


What you see outside, plants, minerals,

are solidified words.

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