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Many people in this day and age feel empty inside.

Incapable of any creative activity, they find themselves face-to-face with "the void".

This experience is increasingly shared, rather than just individual. When it comes to cosmology, philosophy, and ethics, but also our social lives and even our connection with nature, the past no longer carries us.

Modern humanity must find within itself the forces that will bear the future,

our own and that of the world.

Creation born from the void, without which truth, beauty and goodness will quickly disappear from the world.

If we can recognise the impulsions of the future,

we can bring them into the present day

and thus lead the present to an encounter with the future.


Website created

Décember 25th 2015

This site is under construction and will be updated  regularly.

William Adams: Website created

November 11th 2015

William Adams ウィリアム・アダムス

Miura Anjin 三浦安針塚

the English Samurai

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