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Symphonic Gong

(Universe Gong) 80"

Gongs are among the world's most ancient musical instruments. 

Since the depths of time, they have had a deep psychological meaning attributed to them. In music, Gongs with their indescribable sound colors, have always played a prominent role.

Gongs belong to the oldest and most important musical instruments of South East Asia.

Their origins may be traced back to the second millennium B.C., but it is assumed that the Gong is much older. In Chinese history Gongs are mentioned around 500 A.D., attributed to a nation called HIS YU between Tibet and Burma during the reign of Emperor Hsuan Wu.

Historic research provides us with four main centers – Burma, China, Annam, Jav – at leat 7 Gong shapes and sound structures stem from these regions. Only few families knew the tradition of Gong making as it passed from generation to generation. The art of making Gongs was veiled in a sense of magic. Gong makers then believed that a Gong could only succeed with the help of higher powers and, that they were exposed too such forces more so than ordinary humans.

The Gong was an important element in the lives of Far East people and it still is in some countries today. In Asian families the Gong was an attribute of wealth and served as a status symbol. In rites the Gong was used in the evocation of ghosts and in the beginning of demons. Touching a Gong brought you fortune and strength. In the rituals of the Far East the Gong has retained its special significance to this day. 

As a musical instrument the Gong accompanied celebrations and funeral ceremonies, songs and theatre plays. In the music of the Asian high cultures the Gong was used as an orchestral instrument

Gongs have been in use in European orchestras since about 1790 and have been called Tam-Tam since that time. The authentic terminology in all of the countries of origin, however, is clearly the word GONG.

Symphonic Gong


Earth Gong


It seems that hearing these instruments wipes away fatigue, giving us a new energy and a revived impetus to perform every daily task.

Scientists have also found proof that sound vibrations do in fact amplify, accelerate and galvanise the energy that awakens and can thus become constructive.

There is also evidence that the sounds of Gongs affect pulsations within human beings; pulsations existing from birth.

An interaction is thus established between the two phenomena (sounds and body pulsations) through which every bodily dynamic expresses itself and integrates better, leading the individual towards greater harmony and increased inner balance.

Gongs, their sounds, and their vibrations thus help each human being to listen to his own body to discover and learn how to approach these complex and mysterious mechanisms.

Touching a gong so that it makes a sound immediately produces a sort of association in a person's subconscious between the vibrations that they have provoked and their own emotional reactions, whether indistinct or not. A particular sound or vibration will therefore awaken and consciously specify a particular feeling or emotion, whether old, recent or instantaneous.

Once someone can look inside himself and see a particular reaction as if looking from the outside, they can establish a distance from it in order to control or channel it.

Symphonic Gong Zildjian


The sound is full and expansive, encompassing a wide range of frequencies. The attack is explosive.

It produces subtle sounds and a wide range of notes.

Planet Gongs
Sun Gong 38"
Uranus Gong 26"

Sound Creation Gong

No. 3C Earth 60"

Listen to your inner selves and look into the infinity of space and time. There reverberate the song of the stars, the voice of the numbers and the harmony of the spheres.

Each sun is a thought of God, each planet a mode of that thought. In order that you may know divine thought, O souls, you painfully descend along the paths of the seven planets and their seven heavens and ascend once again.

What do the stars do? What do the numbers say? What do the spheres revolve? O souls that are lost and saved, they relate, they sing, they revolve -- your destinies!

                                                                                    Fragment (from  Hermes)

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