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26" MOON SID.A2#Ais - 113,71 Hz
Based on planetary calculation
3rd Octave A3#ais - 227,43 Hz
4th Octave A4/a' - 429,33 Hz

26" Full Moon Sidereal Gong

Approximate musical note is A#2 
Gong pitch: A# ( 227.43Hz - the 20th octave from the fundamental )


Rules: Cancer


Character: Feelings, Fullness, Completeness


Key Words: Receptivity, nurturing, intuition, water, feminine, protection, good memory, instinct, cycles, psychic ability, inner emotions, security, divination.

Basic Function: The Moons stimulate our autonomic response in a rhythmic and cyclic way. They rule the memory of nature and are nurturing on all levels. The New Moon helps us to create an opening to move forward and the Full Moon helps us bring things to fruition.

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