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28" DAY SID. A2#Ais - 97,36 Hz
Based on planetary calculation
3rd Octave G3/a - 194,71 Hz
4th Octave A4/a' - 437,11 Hz

28" Earth Day Gong
( Gaia ) Earth in the 24-hour day.


Approximate musical note is G2
Gong pitch: G ( 194.71 Hz - 24th octave )


Rules: 24 Hour Sidereal Day


Character: Youthful, generative


Key Words: Nature, sustenance, material gain, food, creativity, concentration, reason for being, remembrance, birth, youth, midlife, wisdom, and experience.


Basic Function: Earth represents the ability to be comfortable in our body. It provides the balance needed to complete our destiny successfully.

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